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Warman Mennonite Special Care Home
Havens and PCH

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North View Haven Pendant System

Why Wear a Pendant?

Do and Don't List

Details about the Service:
When a pendant is activated, the system will send email and SMS messages to two contacts. It is up to the contacts to determine what follow up actions to take. False alarms may occur. The service sends information about the number of times the pendant button has been depressed to help you decide the urgency.
This is a best effort system, and we can not guarantee performance. The purpose is to provide help (in Jesus name).

The pendant system is operating under a licence granted by Industry Canada and FCC.
IC ID: 23764-TXRX

The intent of the system is to provide an alert system to hopefully help people. We can not offer any guarantee the system will work when required. Use of this pendant releases all parties from all liability relating to injuries, use, failure of operation, negligence or any other factor, and forfeits all right to bring a suit.

Coverage Range:
The Pendants are designed to work from anywhere inside the North View Haven, Haven and immediate grounds. If the Pendant is removed from the facility it will cease to operate. Do not press an alarm while away from the Haven, as it will not operate while away. Also it will trigger an alarm upon return to the Haven, as a pendant will not give up trying to send an alarm until it is acknowledged by the system hub.

How to press a Pendant button:
The first touch of the pendant button will send out a warning message. Multiple presses sends out an ALERT message. The more times you press and release the better the alert will be communicated. So keep pressing and releasing the pendant button. The Pendant does not detect a fall.

What Happens when the Pendant Button is depressed?
The pendant button is pressure sensitive. When pressed a beep will sound. The Pendant will delay up to 30 seconds before sending an alarm message to the North View Hub. During this time the pendant will count how many times the button has been pressed, and keep track of the longest press time. This information is forwarded in an email and SMS to the contacts registered in the system. This information may be used by the contact to help determine how to respond. For example, a single press in 30 seconds could indicate a false alarm (unintentional touch), whereas multiple presses indicates a higher probability of urgency.

Email Alerts and SMS (text message) Alerts
Any pendant alerts are attempted to be sent to the two contacts provided. One email and one SMS for each contact. These messages are computer generated. Please do not reply to the emails or SMS messages, as they will not be received. It is highly recommended that the contact's set up the ability to get emails on their cell phone.
Example Pendant Alert SMS message:

Resident Name    <--- name of person
100, NV Haven    <--- address
Alarm#1    <-- # of 30 second intervals of alarm
Touch#2    <---# of button presses in this 30 second interval
Time0.5sec    <--- longest time the button was pressed
RSSI-80dBm    <--- Received Signal level. lower than -90dBm may indicate a false press due to noise
DoNotReply    <--- Do not reply to this SMS, it will not be received.

How a Contact Person Responds to a Pendant Alarm:
The contact person(s) receives both an email and SMS (Text Message). Upon receipt it is recommended the Contact person try to phone the resident to confirm if they are OK. The Contact person can then decide if they should call 911. They know the resident best and will know the likelihood of false alarm vs a need for assistance. The message will also say how many times the pendant was pressed. The Contact person can use this information to help decide the urgency. If there are multiple presses, and multiple text messages, it is quite likely urgent.

What Happens if the Pendant gets wet?
The pendant is not designed to get wet. Do not use in the shower.

4-5 yr estimated battery life
remote monitoring of battery voltage
daily verification that pendant is present and functioning
lanyard safety breakaway

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